getting down to business

It seems fitting that the first-ever blog on the First Ever Blog be about my first-ever something. In this case, my first-ever business cards. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve have business cards before, ones that tout my name and title underneath some obnoxious company logo, but I consider these new ones—printed by Salt Lake City-based The Mandate Press—sheer self-promotion. Having recently received my pink slip from a local magazine, getting serious about a freelance-writing career required a crash-course in networking. However, persuading publicists, designers, authors and editors to meet for coffee proved difficult for this lifelong recluse. Since I could not trust that the pleasure of my company would leave a lasting impression on these potential colleagues, I quickly learned that a stylish letterpress calling card would do the trick. The best part of this revelation? The Mandate Press’s $95 deal: As long as you stick with bold, black ink on textured 100-percent cotton paper, 250 high-quality cards costs just $95—upload your own creation or choose one of their modern designs. File this one under “highway robbery.” —LML


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your First Ever Blog! Those letterpress business cards look pretty snappy! I think I might give them a try since I need to raise the level of my self-promotion with a classier calling card.

  2. L Word, 2009!

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