K9 dilemma

Meet Ruby.



She’s my foster pup, and a pretty darn adorable one at that. I picked her up from the Milo Foundation this evening and am taking care of her until she finds an adopted home (though I’m already dangerously attached). So now I’m in the market for a dog bed to match my boho-meets-midcentury-meets-Ikea apartment and though pet accoutrements is new territory for me, there is no shortage of chic options.

Harry Barker

Harry Barker

Harry Barker‘s hemp-stripe oval beds are cute and eco-friendly.

Jax & Bones

Jax & Bones

The square Jax & Bones dog bed has a blue-gray damask pattern dotted with butterflies.

John Robshaw

John Robshaw

The winner for me, however, is John Robshaw‘s coral-colored  bed. The textile designer’s India- and Southeast Asia-inspired prints never disappoint. —MR


2 Responses

  1. She is soooo cute. You have to keep her! BTW I like the butterfly bed the best.

  2. It’s a wonder to me that all of these pet frou-frou stores are still open so deep into the recession. Do we take better care of our four-legged friends than our unemployed, two-legged ones?

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