birthday wishes

Nice job, Anthropologie, O Purveyor of All Things Gorgeous and Desirable. While my recessionary path has carefully avoided your door, you’ve certainly beguiled me with your delightfully homespun birthday card, good for a 15% discount on your pricey wares. Everything here is working in your favor: the linen envelope, the cute button honor guard, the rainbow of threads, the vintage typewriter font you know I can’t resist. So which covetable trapping will it be? The Poplar Branch dress, a coy little rayon number with mesh cut outs, or the tiered Gamine Chemise nightie, which may be too irresistible to keep indoors? Which would you choose? —LML


6 Responses

  1. Can you like some things more masculine, please?

    Where can a guy get a great shirt? Or some of those narrow suits and slacks that only New Yorkers seem to be able to find?

    Where can a guy find Tim Hamilton clothes in SF?

    • Greg, it’s Anthropologie. I’m a girl. Give me a break.

      • You’re not longer a girl. You’re a blog!

  2. Love your and cleverly written ! I saw you on the Anthropologie FB. I have to go the DIY route to get the Anthropolgie look..ha!

  3. I looked through some of your past posts..and I’m lovin’ it..putting you on my list.

  4. button, button, who’s got the button. you do, that’s who. loving the writing and your new blog. must have more.

    oh, and happy birthday.

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