wishing & hoping

My September ’09 J.Crew catalog arrived today. Usually, it’s a bittersweet moment. I’ll spend 20 minutes flipping through the magazine, drooling over the gorgeous preppy-glam clothes, berating myself for the high percentage of Old Navy duds that populate my closet. To be honest, the J.Crew catalog makes me hate myself. In the hands of a more optimistic soul, perhaps the catalog would have an aspirational effect, but for me, it is a barometer of failure. I cannot afford those vetements, not in this economy. Even if I could, my freelance-writing career specifies an easy dress code of loose pajamas. I miss the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses behavior that is cultivated amongst the catty, fashion-forward women working in a magazine newsroom. Strutting around that kind of cutthroat environment wearing J.Crew’s super-flattering matchstick ankle cords, shocking pink cashmere sweater and frilly Colleen Rose heels would surely inflict some damage—green-eyed monsters are known to wreak a little havoc, after all. —LML


2 Responses

  1. I’ve never been a J.Crew fan but you certainly make me want to make a stop in the store to have a look around the next time I pass one.

  2. this most recent catalog definitely made me drool… a lot of the things are expensive, but i think they provide great outfit inspirations that allow people to mimic using cheaper items. i also thing that jcrew is a great place to purchase timeless investment pieces. i feel more willing to spend the money on one of their trench coats, for example, because i know it is quality and will be stylish forever.

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