shake it.

When Polaroid announced that it was canceling production last year, I stocked up on as much of the vanishing film as I could. Its grainy, high contrast images make everything look a little bit cooler than it actually is. Unfortunately, its suddenly precious existence has now made me hesitant to use it all. Every potential picture bears a heavy weight of importance—one more insta-magical shot, one less piece of film—which totally takes away from the instantaneous fun and satisfaction of it in the first place. Enter: ShakeItPhoto iPhone application. Granted, I am a self-described late adapter. I hated computers when they first entered the scene (seriously) and delayed getting a cell phone for a ridiculously long time. However, today I’m totally reliant on my Mac and am lost (thank goodness for GPS) without my iPhone, so it just makes sense that I’ve found my nostalgic film in digital form. The app works just like the trusty Polaroid camera: take a photo, watch the white-framed image drop down and shake your phone (yes, it shakes and jiggles) until the square frame slowly develops into your image. Amazing. —MR


4 Responses

  1. they are beautiful photos

  2. I know that people used to shake their Polaroid film but it was never necessary. Interesting that the useless practice has carried over to the iPhone simulation.

  3. Glad to see you that you kept Ruby! And ah . . . the sweet misery of using the last of discontinued item that you love.

  4. Now all I need is an iPhone…

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