go with the flow

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What if we could fork over a some hard-earned cash in exchange for, say, an extra serving of self-esteem during a moment of insecurity? A dose of trust when making that proverbial leap of faith, perhaps? Wouldn’t it be nice to stock a pantry with compassion, authenticity and silence rather than canned beans and brownie mix? Thanks to Norwegian designer Mads Hagstrom, whose online Flow Market opened earlier this month, we can (no pun intended).

Picture 4Soul food at its finest: Small tins of 73 highly coveted intangibles are available for a cool $19.25 each. A steal for such priceless luxuries.

Picture 3By attaching a retail value to an abstract idea, Hagstrom’s Flow Market has caused me to think twice about what I consume. I mean, do I really need these gorgeous Taryn Rose boots just to make myself a worthy contender in a passive-aggressive game of one-upmanship? I’d love to take a spoonful of “Self-Love” before I commit to a $400 charge on my credit card. And you? Does your antidote to a bad day equate to a creamy, dreamy chocolate eclair? Crack open a “Cravings Liberation” instead.

Picture 5What’s on your shopping list? —LML


3 Responses

  1. Ingenious idea, I wish I’d thought of it. We buy bottled water and designer gear marked up well beyond it’s physical value, why not these. I’d buy a can of “sunshine” for dear old Dad if it made him smile.

  2. Lovely writing.

    And are these cans empty? If so, then the metaphor would be complete: no contentment, no happiness from within, and no liberation from cravings.


  3. By the way, I now own the boots 🙂

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