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Sitting on the mantle in my parents’ house is a wood vase filled with dried purple flowers that I made in the sixth grade. For two months I perfected my technique on the lathe and when completed, I triumphantly presented the fruits of my labor. I am reminded of this proud moment in my history as I browse through the incredible woodwork of Because We Can, an Oakland-based husband-and-wife team specializing in sustainable custom furnishing and interior design. It seems there is no limit to what they can create:

LCD Ecoglam

LCD Ecoglam

I’m not a fan of TV. I do like watching it (Mad Men and Friday Night Lights, especially) but frankly I think they’re ugly and I don’t like when the television becomes the focal point for a room. However, the Ecoglam frame from BWC really solves this dilemma. My computer is currently my entertainment center (thanks, Hulu) but this custom frame may change things.

Smart solution for small spaces

Smart solution for small spaces

Living in a big city often means trying to pack a lot into a relatively small space but these decorative shelves are a great solution. The cutouts are a cool, custom decor and they don’t clutter a shoebox-size apartment.

Three Rings office

Three Rings office

Video game company, Three Rings, asked BWC to oufit their SoMa loft to resemble The Nautilus from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Wildlife and Presidents chair

Wildlife and Presidents chair

I love these chairs, I imagine a mismatched grouping around a long farmhouse table in my rustic-meets-modern home (that I’m slowly building in my head). Until then I’ll just keep at the lathe and admire these pieces from afar. —MR


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