what’s your type?


When I worked in Kyoto teaching English, the Japanese high school students would ask any English-speaking foreigner that crossed their paths three questions: What do you like to eat? What’s your hobby? What’s your type? To that last question, I’d usually provide a flippant “tall, dark and handsome,” but now—a decade later—my design career has put a different twist on that inquiry: What’s your typography? According to Lars Willem Veldkampf’s Typocalypse project, which appoints personality traits to 40 different fonts, my affection for the high-impact Arial implies that “I am the devil.” (My boyfriend, Mark, can attest to the accuracy of  this designation!)


My friend and fellow design editor, Lydia Lee, once told me that she had thing for Bembo. (Although, given her talent as an eagle-eyed copyeditor, I would have picked VAG Rounded for her.)


Using this font to write your boss that 15th “I have food poisoning” email is the surest way to find yourself in the unemployment line with the rest of California.


The official font of Oz, a magical land somewhere over the rainbow.


The script for Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy-hosting gig must have been written in this font.


Works for me, too. —LML


3 Responses

  1. oH i


    write my comments in


    more fully reveal myself to myself

  2. I’m not sure font I would be but I am grooving on Helvetica these days. I watched the documentary entitled “Helvetica” a few weeks ago and I find that I am not afraid to use it for fear of appear boring anymore.

  3. brilliant. how I adore the entire “what things I like say about me” genre. honestly, it never gets old. so, what about garamond? I have an on again/off again thing going on with it…

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