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Leilani and I first met at a San Francisco publishing house in early 2008, but our creative collaboration truly began when Sydney-based home + design magazine, Real Living, hired us to produce a story on San Francisco artist Rex Ray‘s avant-garde live/work space in the Mission District. Leilani provided the words, I did the room styling. I loved the organized chaos of Rex’s loft and art studio; everything had a specific place and purpose, even if it was an unassuming stack of records.

A year later, for the magazine’s October 2009 issue, editor Deborah Bibby (follow her quick design musings on Twitter: @reallivingmag) asked us to work our magic again on the modern and eclectic San Francisco home of Pottery Barn Teen designer, Melodie Froment, and her husband, artist Jerome Doran. My favorite part of that project was scouring through Melodie’s tableware, her collections of porcelain tea cups, Moroccan glass decanters and super-colorful linens—the best evidence of a life well traveled. Click on each story below and let us know what you think! We think we make a pretty good team. —MR

Tiny space, big ideas

Tiny space, big ideas

Laid-back Living

Laid-back Living


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