the boy next door

Grant Gibson at home

Grant Gibson at home

Today my San Francisco apartment building is featured in the New York Times Home & Garden section, and while I make my career in design, the story has nothing to do with me. Instead, my neighbor, fantastic interior designer and dear friend Grant K. Gibson, steals the show. In his Presidio Heights flat, Paris flea market antiques meet Pottery Barn furnishings, while bold color choices and rich fabrics like caramel-colored mohair add a luxe element. Our apartments are merely an arm’s length away, and many evenings have been spent gossiping in the doorways about our crazy landlord or providing detailed reviews from the latest dating disaster (of late, two thumbs way, way down).

Check out Grant’s digs here. My favorite room is the bedroom with indigo walls and salon-style art. I really admire his ability to find beauty in the most unexpected (and sometimes most inexpensive) places. His work is timeless. Congratulations, Grant! —MR


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  1. To the girl next door-
    Love having you as my neighbor and friend next door!
    Next plan is to get you cooking for dinner parties!
    It’s so good to know that there is someone else in this building that I know.
    Loving your new blog- can’t wait to read more! Great job.

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