what if i was a wonder woman?

The "Wonderwall" on Wonderwall Inc.'s website

The "Wonderwall" on Wonderwall Inc.'s website

In addition to such humanitarian feats as finding kidnap victims with my internal echo-locator, foiling conspiracy plots and rescuing women and children from fiery buildings, my role as Wonder Woman would include the innate ability to write code for groundbreaking websites like the one belonging to Japanese interior design firm, Wonderwall. Moving your cursor over the company’s colorful wall of fame not only reveals its impressive clientele (Dean and Deluca, APC and Marc Jacobs, among many others), it also awakens a beautiful and amazing, beeping, hiccuping, living, breathing entity that mesmerizes me to no end. But alas, a mere mortal am I, possessing a limited number of mediocre talents (none of which lend themselves to writing even one inch of code, much less echo-locating) and lots and lots of faults: a Blunder Woman. —LML


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